Comedy that is out of this world!

The beauty of comedy is that anything goes and when mixed with creativity, it is definitely a force to be reckoned with.  After our last murder mystery night in July with a Game of Thrones themed show, we decided to go with another fan base, Star Wars!

With so much potential there for jokes, puns and innuendos, (c’mon lighsabers are the most phallic symbol ever!) it would be a waste not to give it some well-deserved stage time.

I always believe that when you’re on the right track things happen quickly and within a few days of deciding to do a Star Wars murder mystery, we had the idea accepted to be part of the annual Bellylaughs Comedy Festival in Belfast.   For more details on Bellylaughs go to:

Don’t worry if you don’t know your jedi from your jawas, the script has been written to appeal to the most die hard of fans to those that have maybe watched the original Star Wars film.  As always there will be food served on the night and this is our best catering experience ever.   The audience will be treated to a Jedi supper and all washed down with some famous blue milk.

To book your places for the most intergalactic experience ever on a barge, point your lightsaber here >>

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