Murder Mystery Comedy Night at Belfast Bellylaughs Festival

After the sell out success of our Star Wars themed murder mystery show in the Bellylaughs Festival 2014, we are back again this year with a Wild West themed night titled:  Ride Em Cowboy!

If you love the Wild West and comedy,  then saddle up yer horse and gallop on down to the saloon on the Belfast Barge for our Murder Mystery comedy night.

Come meet the good, the bad and the ‘not so aesthetically pleasing’ and help the Sheriff figure out who dunnit  …. before high noon!

Doors open 8pm, it’s bring your own drink and fancy dress is optional!
Prizes will be given to the best fancy dress!

Tickets are £17 and includes a saloon buffet supper!
You can book tickets online here >>

Belfast Comedy on the Belfast Barge

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