Laughter Yoga on the Lagan for Bellylaughs Festival 2016

It’s hard to laugh and feel bad about life! That’s the aim of Laughter Yoga!

Our brain doesn’t know the difference between real laughter and forced laughter so by doing laughter exercises which bypass our intellect that can stop us from finding something funny, we soon produce real laughter and get all the same health benefits. Therefore you don’t need to listen or tell jokes! It comes naturally from within.

The main health benefits of laughter yoga are:
1. Laughter yoga teaches you to laugh even if you are not in the mood to laugh
2. Laughter is like jogging for your insides
3. Laughter connects people like a universal language
4. Laughter promotes a positive mental attitude
5. Laughter improves your efficiency and daily performance

Families and young children welcome.

Places are limited so booking in advance is recommended.  Book online here >>

Laughter yoga Oct 2016

The Belfast Barge may need to prepare for repairs!

In September, we’re strengthening the Belfast Barge floors, walls and overhead beams for a whole lotta laughter as we prepare for our headliner Victoria Garret.  With her rendition of Beauty and the priest, this won’t be a night for the faint hearted by any stretch of the imagination.

Victoria is best described as … an ex-drag queen, ex-man and ex-traordinary. Vicki is a force to be reckoned with, heckle if u dare!!! (And she will dare u!)

Support on the night comes from Kieran Mena, Andrew Bradbury and Donny Kingston who will also cause some damage with their quick wit and insightful humour.  Hosted by Victoria E Armstrong

Doors open 8pm.  It’s BYO and you can book your tickets online here >>

We have now partnered with Sainsbury’s who are happy to deliver your drink order and snacks directly to the Belfast Barge during their 7pm to 8pm slot on 4th August.  This is perfect for larger groups as well.  Click here to make your Sainsbury’s purchase and let us know via our contact page here >> to expect your order and sign for it.

CCCC Sept 2016

“The Most Dangerous Harpist in the World™” hits the Belfast Barge!

Ursula Burns became The Most Dangerous Harpist in the World™ when she was kidnapped by circus performers off a burning bus in Belfast. They made her write funny songs about hospitals, umbrellas, Jesus and even a happy one about crying in a Portaloo! All delivered with acrobatic vocals and a little touch of comedy magic.

A Belfast-born songwriter, musician and comedian, Ursula Burns has been performing all her life, everywhere from medieval castles to the Royal Albert Hall (twice!)

Her fifth solo album, The Dangerous Harpist, was released in the spring of this year and reflects a lifetime spent on the road in various music, theatre and circus guises, with its dark, deep and lovely songs and virtuoso harp playing.

Ursula has toured her music extensively in Ireland, UK, Scandinavia, Europe, America and Australia and has played with artists including Loudon Wainwright III, Jackson Browne, Billy Bragg, Beth Orton and The Blue Nile.

The award-winning Ms Burns  will be on board the Belfast Barge on 4th August 2016 to preview her Edinburgh Show!

We guarantee you’ve never seen the harp played like this before.

“The Fringe’s own Kate Bush” – Paul Fleckney,

“Enchanting and funny in equal measure, with a lovely, lilting voice that makes the words ‘Falls Road’ sound like Brigadoon!” – Kate Copstick, Scotsman

Supporting Ursula on the night is Derry man Peter E Davidson.   Your MC for the evening is the fantastical and magical David Doherty-Jebb.

Doors open 8pm and it’s a BYO venue.  We have now partnered with Sainsbury’s who are happy to deliver your drink order and snacks directly to the Belfast Barge during their 7pm to 8pm slot on 4th August.  This is perfect for groups of 4 or more too.  Click here to make your Sainsbury’s purchase and let us know via our contact page here >> to expect your order and sign for it.

You can book your tickets online here >> 

August 2016

The Menopausal Medium show at the Belfast Barge!

If you like all things spiritual with a good dose of laughter then you will love Denise Lawrence-Jones as The Menopausal Medium.

Denise is a single and unavailable single mother of two boys. She is a reinvented, voluptuous diva who loves who she has become at this stage of her life.

Born in Wales but not a Welsh speaker, she currently resides in a small Welsh town on the English border. 

Denise first became aware of her gift as a child when she experienced things that she had no explanation for at the time.  Thankfully she had a very open minded Mother who never accused her of having a vivid imagination or  making things up.

The first incident she can recall was when she was  5 yrs old while sitting with her mother in the living room.   She saw 2 figures at the French windows and ran to the back door to let them in.  When she got there, they were gone. My mother defused the situation by saying that they may have gone out through the side gate of the garden.  Denise thinks she did this so that she wasn’t afraid of who she saw.  Years later while we were reminiscing about it, she told me that she had seen 2 people that day and that she saw them from time to time before and after that as well.

menopausal medium

Testimonials for Denise ….

Lovely reading, thank you so much Denise. Feeling more reassured and positive now about what lies ahead. Xxx

Fantastic reading, thanks for the validations. Fabulous personality reassuring, positive a lovely lovely person. M.

Dear Denise, your connection to my nanny is second to none! There has been no way you could if known about many things, especially the elderflower wine. Thank you so much for the support over time and your kindness in giving what information is given to you. You really are an Earth Angel. Thank you xxx

Absolutely amazing. Denise brought through my dear friend who passed recently. Warm & funny, she gave many details to validate it really was him & to pass on information about my love life & recent troubles. A brilliant reading, Denise. Thank you so much.

Best reading I have ever had with anybody, absolutley amazing eveything she said was so accurate, would reccomend her every time without a doubt, lovely lady too xx

FABULOUS reading with Denise. predictions happened exactly as predicted and roughly in timescale given!!! thanks. clearly worth the wait. TOP READER

Ron Vaudry to perform at the Belfast Barge on 7th July!

We’re delighted to have Canadian comic Ron Vaudry headline at the Crazy Cat Comedy club on the Belfast Barge.

Ron Vaudry was born in Montreal, the cynical and hard-hitting Ron, caught the stand-up bug after appearing on stage in a small club in the his home town in 1979, performing 12 sets over 12 hours for the Jerry Lewis Joke-a-thon fundraiser.

He became a regular on the Canadian comedy scene and has appeared in numerous television shows including the CBC’s Comics! and The Late Show with Arsenio Hall.

He now gigs internationally, having appeared at many of the world’s leading comedy festivals and we’re delighted to have him as part of his UK and Irish tour.

Supporting Ron on the night is:
Aaron McCann, a fast rising comic on the Northern Ireland scene
Victoria Garrett –  a woman who has had a hilarious life story to share
Roy Wilson – a local comic with quick wit and clever punchlines

All this hosted by MC Victoria E Armstrong and it’s a BYO venue too.  This could be one reason which is why we’re one of Belfast’s most popular comedy night.

Doors open at 8pm and you can book tickets online here>>

One of Belfast's most popular comedy nights on board an unique venue.

One of Belfast’s most popular comedy nights on board an unique venue.

Gary Lynch is back at the Belfast Barge on 2nd June

If you haven’t seen Dublin based comic Gary Lynch before then this is your chance to see him in action.  Gary is the only southern Irish comedy act that can perform the Norn Iron accent accurately.  He knows our politics better than we do and he makes no apologies for it.

A very popular regular on the Edinburgh Festival scene the last few years, Gary has also impressed the critics there too.  He is currently preparing his show for Edinburgh 2016 so catch him on 2nd June as it could be a while before we can book him again.

Gary is supported on the night by the dry wit of Paul McCarron, the music talent of Lisa Casey and former FNT comedy sketch group performer Dave Elliott.  All this hosted by our favourite crazy Russian lady ‘Nutella Nutjob’.

Doors open 8pm.  It’s BYO and tickets can be purchased online here >>
June 2016 cccc

You’re not funny unless Terry McHugh’s mummy says you are!

On 5th May we’re delighted to welcome Terry McHugh to headline the Crazy Cat Comedy club.

North Belfast Comedian Terry McHugh has achieved quite a lot in his 4 years in stand up. He’s had three Edinburgh Festival shows, toured with Patrick Kielty and Micky Bartlett. Shared the bill with names like Jake O’Kane and Tim McGarry and appeared on Live at the Sunflower and The Blame Game on Radio Ulster.

You don’t do all that unless you’re funny but how can you be absolutely sure. Well because his Mummy says he’s funny and Mummy’s are never wrong.

An unfortunate event in a Russian nightclub, hating adverts and realising at 35 it’s probably time to grow up an. It’ll all be covered in this special live DVD recording of Terry’s fourth solo show, My Mummy says I’m Funny.

Terry is supported by musical comedian Neil Dickson with his keyboard, Sean Tanavusa and William Thompson.  All regular and popular acts on the current comedy scene.

The night is hosted by MC Conor McGinley.

Doors open 8pm, it’s BYO (unless your mummy says otherwise) and as this show always proves to be popular, you can buy tickets online here >>

5th May

Celebrate International Women’s Day on the Belfast Barge

Crazy Cat Comedy is delighted to announce our comedy line up for International Women’s Day.   Titled Life, Laughs and Lipstick, we have the brilliant sarcasm of Gemma Hutton.
Also included in the line up is Sara Jade Davidson, a finalist in the Funny Women competition 2015.

We are also delighted to have Caroline Brennan who hosts the weekly Half Hour comedy club.  Mary Flannigan and Mags White are a vital part of the Northern Ireland comedy scene and we’re delighted to have them join us on board the Belfast Barge.

We are pleased to welcome Clare Childs.   Clare is one of the founders of the Belfast Comedy Writer’s group and our annual IWD show would not be complete without  the fantastic musical comedy talent of the Twisted Sisters.      All this female talent hosted by Victoria E Armstrong.

Doors open 8pm and the good news is that the Belfast Barge is a BYO venue.  Tickets are £10 and it is advised to book online here >>

International Women's Day 2016

International Women’s Day 2016 – Belfast

Celebrate St Paddy’s Day on the Belfast Barge

As part of Imagine. The Belfast Festival of Ideas & Politics, this is an Irish themed murder mystery comedy night following the infamous three Paddy’s that we all know and love from telling jokes in the pub, Paddy the Englishman, Paddy the Scots man and of course Paddy the Irishman. As the three Paddy’s head out for a pint at their local pub, their nationalities get them into a lot of trouble and they end up as suspects for a murder! Can you help the police find out who dunnit?

Doors open at 8pm.  The Belfast Barge is a BYOG venue (Bring your own Guinness) and a St Paddy’s buffet supper will be served.

Fancy dress is optional. Prizes will be given to the best costumes.
Tickets are available online here >>

St Paddys

A Christmas Comedy Special on board the Belfast Barge

The Crazy Cat comedy club is celebrating Christmas with a special line up of comedians on 3rd December.  Instead of 4 comedians, we’ll be pushing the boat out literally with 6 on board the Belfast Barge.

Our line up includes:

Mustaefa Saed – a popular act on the Northern and Southern Irish comedy scene.  He also organises the latest and freshest new open mic night with a difference at the Yardbird saying it was his training in Chicago for the second year running that inspired him to do this.

Next up is Dave Gray.  Dave is co-organiser of the popular open mic night at the Pavilion on a Monday night and has been on the comedy scene for 3 years.

We are pleased to welcome a new face on the scene JT Kirk, a former resident of Vancouver, Canada but we won’t hold it against him.  He knows what real snow is after all!

Bob Bobbins is a circus trained comedy act and while he is used to juggling flaming sticks and stilt walking, he juggles his stand up performance with as much flair and style.

Last but not least is Aaron McCann.  Aaron has been a popular newcomer to the local comedy scene and with his stand up material, he is proving to be one to watch.

The evening is hosted by MC Victoria E Armstrong.

Doors open 8pm, it’s bring your own, xmas jumpers, hats and mistletoe are all welcome too. Tickets can be booked in advance online here >>

3rd Dec 2015