The Menopausal Medium show at the Belfast Barge!

If you like all things spiritual with a good dose of laughter then you will love Denise Lawrence-Jones as The Menopausal Medium.

Denise is a single and unavailable single mother of two boys. She is a reinvented, voluptuous diva who loves who she has become at this stage of her life.

Born in Wales but not a Welsh speaker, she currently resides in a small Welsh town on the English border. 

Denise first became aware of her gift as a child when she experienced things that she had no explanation for at the time.  Thankfully she had a very open minded Mother who never accused her of having a vivid imagination or  making things up.

The first incident she can recall was when she was  5 yrs old while sitting with her mother in the living room.   She saw 2 figures at the French windows and ran to the back door to let them in.  When she got there, they were gone. My mother defused the situation by saying that they may have gone out through the side gate of the garden.  Denise thinks she did this so that she wasn’t afraid of who she saw.  Years later while we were reminiscing about it, she told me that she had seen 2 people that day and that she saw them from time to time before and after that as well.

menopausal medium

Testimonials for Denise ….

Lovely reading, thank you so much Denise. Feeling more reassured and positive now about what lies ahead. Xxx

Fantastic reading, thanks for the validations. Fabulous personality reassuring, positive a lovely lovely person. M.

Dear Denise, your connection to my nanny is second to none! There has been no way you could if known about many things, especially the elderflower wine. Thank you so much for the support over time and your kindness in giving what information is given to you. You really are an Earth Angel. Thank you xxx

Absolutely amazing. Denise brought through my dear friend who passed recently. Warm & funny, she gave many details to validate it really was him & to pass on information about my love life & recent troubles. A brilliant reading, Denise. Thank you so much.

Best reading I have ever had with anybody, absolutley amazing eveything she said was so accurate, would reccomend her every time without a doubt, lovely lady too xx

FABULOUS reading with Denise. predictions happened exactly as predicted and roughly in timescale given!!! thanks. clearly worth the wait. TOP READER

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