Try Laughter Yoga at the Bellylaughs Comedy Festival

Crazy Cat Comedy is partnering with the Bellylaughs Festival to offer you more laughter during the day.  If you can’t make it to any of our evening shows then why not book a laughter yoga session for your colleagues or friends to participate in.

It is ideal for corporate team building, stress management, general well being, therapists, counsellors, children, teachers, youth leaders, teenagers and theatre groups.  It is even safe for pregnant women and the elderly.

Our brain doesn’t know the difference between real laughter and forced laughter so by doing laughter exercises which bypass our intellect that can stop us from finding something funny, we soon produce real laughter and get all the same health benefits.  Therefore you don’t need to listen or tell jokes!  It comes naturally from within.

The main health benefits of laughter yoga are:

1. Laughter yoga teaches you to laugh even if you are not in the mood to laugh
2. Laughter is like jogging for your insides
3. Laughter connects people like a universal language
4. Laughter promotes a positive mental attitude
5. Laughter improves your efficiency and daily performance

Places are limited so book your place in advance here >>

Bellylaughs Laughter Yoga session

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